MySQL to MariaDB — what??

When migrating from old Ubuntu to new RPM distro, I ended up with MariaDB. I guess this is the new M in LAMP. It looks and feels the same, but migration was a pain.
Some users had to be recreated on Maria, simply moving using the import/export SQL did not work. Well, it allowed me to clean up the database be deleting several old unused or un-needed users.
Finally, the moving of DB involved a lot of manual steps. First just create all the databases on new DB. Then export the DB using phpMyAdmin. Before importing, remove the “create DB SQL” and keep only the “INSERT” statements.
phpMyAdmin was the only saving grace. But latest 4.6.x needs PHP 5.5 and above, this was another headache. I had to run around to get all the right PHP rpms.

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